What does Small.Cat do?

Small.Cat turns any link or bit of text (up to 8192 characters) into a short, easy to say, and easy to type link.

When should I use it?

Let's say you wanted to give a link to a cheap Nikon D3100 DSLR camera to your dad over the phone.

Spell it out? Not a chance.

Send an email? Too much effort.

Instant messaging? Dad doesn't have instant messaging.

Use another link shortener? "Bit dot L Y slash capital X, capital T, P, B, capital Q, O... No, Dad, I don't know the NATO phonetic alphabet."

Even Amazon's link shortener gives you something like this:

Give it to us, and we'll give you something like this:

Your Small.Cat link is:

Say it:

Small dot cat slash fog

Goes to:
Expires in 9 hours.


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